Cloud Based SaaS
Clovertise uses best in class technology to bring you a modern and powerful user experience. We keep your data safe by using the same encryption technology that financial institutions use.

Clovertise is a cloud hosted platform and has zero footprint on your premises or servers. It runs on the same world class infrastructure that runs on. All you need is a browser and an internet connection to run. No servers to setup, no software to upgrade, no need for backup, and no more headache. Leave the IT and infrastructure to us and focus on your customers.

Leveraging Amazon web services means Clovertise can scale to any number of customers and any number of users without problems. It also means that you get world class backup and disaster recovery to protect your data from any loss. Clovertise is always on and provides the best in class up-times so you don’t have to worry about outages.

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Platform Independent
  • Truly hardware independent Digital Signage platform
  • Bring your own device
  • No lock-in with proprietary players
  • Use what suits your requirement best
  • Player apps on every device
  • Windows, IOS, Android, Chrome OS, Linux, Chromecast, Smart TV’s; pretty much any modern device!
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Social Media Integration

Clovertise allows you to post the content you created to your social media sites such as Facebook. This allows you to not only post rich, professional looking, branded content to social media, but also allows you to create a consistent message across multiple mediums.

Using the power of social media is a very important tool in reaching your customers. Posting to social media is made very easy using Clovertise. We made it as simple as click of a button. You can register and post to multiple pages on your social media site. Registration is a one time process that uses secure authentication to authorise Clovertise to get the proper permissions to post to your pages.

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Power of Physical Web

Clovertise leverages cutting edge beacon technology to connect with the customers as they come within proximity of your business. The experience that started on the web follows them to your premise, delivering context aware and proximity based information. The possibilities are only bounded by our imagination.

Some examples: As customers enter a restaurant they see a notification on the phone. They click on it to see today’s specials. As they are seated, Clovertise understands the context and changes the content that is being presented to a menu.

A customer at a car dealership as she moves from one car to another automatically see the information about the car that they are standing in front of pushed to them.

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Innovative digital solutions for all businesses

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Anywhere Digital Signage

  • Remotely push content to any display
  • Manage multiple locations and displays from anywhere
  • Create and modify content on the go (even from a mobile device)
  • Schedule content to display on pre-defined times
  • Content updated instantly

Simple Digital Signage

  • Create branded content from unlimited selection of professional and attractive “fill in the blanks” templates
  • Text, Images, Videos, Youtube, Video URL, RSS feeds, QR codes and more.
  • Unique content authoring to simplify content creation
  • Publish content instantly

Branded Facebook Posts

  • Reinforce brand and message with same content across mediums (TV/LCD Displays, Facebook, Website)
  • First social digital signage that allows to post your digital signage content to Facebook – other solutions only allow to pull content from Facebook.  
  • Branded posts to Facebook with one click

Create content once and display the same on multiple mediums

Display contents on digital displays (TV, LED, Billboards, Multi-Panel LCD/LED’s, etc.) Content can be created, published and managed from anywhere in the world.

Publish same contents to your website using an iframe and now you have dynamic contents sync with the digital signage. Dynamic content for your static pages, banners, real time menus and promotions updated on website

Branded posts to social media with one click (other digital signage solutions can only pull). Select your Clovertise content that you want to publish as a post on your Facebook page and puplish it with one click

Publish the same or any content created to your customer’s mobile devices via proximity/beacon technology. When customers walk into your premises, they can view content on there own phones. Please check the Physical Web section for more details.

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