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We are the Strategic Clovertise partner in the region with Distributors in many countries in the EMEA

Digital Extent specialises in providing innovative digital and business solutions that are upto date with the market trends and growing new technologies. We are in a Strateegic partnership with of Clovertise Inc. USA. for the EMEA. Clovertise is a US based company with a vision to help businesses connect with customers through digital medium in real time.

Clovertise makes it simple to connect with customers in real time, regardless of the medium, with a consistent relevant message from a single powerful platform. Clovertise is a Simple and intuitive Digital Signage that can do a lot more than traditional digital signage and provides great flexibility. Digital signage that is capable of displaying real time information through integrations with existing database opens doors to a variety of options for customers to use their signage in a way that is more engaging to the audience.

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Cloud Based SaaS
Digital Signage and Physical Web (proximity aware devices) Products and solutions

Digital Extent Provides solutions for all business types and situations. We can provide a complete solution with any or all of the following: 1. Displays, 2. Media Player where required and 3. SaaS Application.

Physical Web Products can be provided as per requirement. We are Presently Proving it as a Digital menu device to the restaurant, Take away and Hotel industry where the customers will be able to see the Menus and promotions on their own mobile device (smart phones or tablets) as soon as they walk into the business premises powered by Clovertise Connect Device. This is as good as bringing the digital signage into the hands of each customer. Please refer to the Product information page to check the features and specifications.

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Cloud Based SaaS
Setup and installation service

Digital Extent Provides a nationwide Setup and installation service for any products we supply that needs setup and installation. Most of our SaaS application products and devices are designed to play out of the box and are very easy to setup and come with a clear guide to get you through the process smoothly. Telephone and online support is available if required.

For products that we supply that need physical installation we have a complete installation package that will make the job done to the highest standards. All our engineers and technicians are fully trained and skilled to manage installation and device setups with complete safety.

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Cloud Based SaaS
Online and telephone support provided at all levels

Digital Extent will make sure that all clients receive high quality technical support for all products sold by us. We have detailed support programs in place in collaboration with Clovertise Inc, to make sure our customers have a world class experience whilst using our products and services.

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