Digital Signage for Real Estate

Real Estate

Real Estate Business is all about reaching the Right audience in a professional way. When customers walk into your office you need to be able to showcase your properties in the best way possible. We have the perfect solution for real estate businesses. Make beautiful listings display on your digital signage using a variety of  templates specially designed for Property listins.

Integrations are available to make the content management easy. If you advertise your properties on Zoopla we will provide you with a Zoopla integrated template that plays all your listings on Zoopla in a beautiful template automatically. This will generate your live property lists channels for Sales and Rent. Other content and slides can be added to the same channel as required. Only slides that are generated from the Zoopla listing will be generated regularly to keep your signage up to date with the properties you are advertising.

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Hotels, Restaurants and Takeaway

Do you Know that you are spending money to show your customers advertisements of other business on your screen. How about using your screen to show your ads and to engage your customers with your brand and involve them into what is it that you offer to make them remember your business and come back to you. We can use the same screen that you have to do all that with Clovertise.

What about the entertainment then, No problem, we have that covered, we have custom made templates that will take care of that too. There is now no need to pay for the TV channels any more. Our solution will save you money and keep the entertainment value and show your ads on your screen. its a win win situation.

  • For digital menu boards – you can create menu boards that will showcase your culinary art.
  • Entertain and promote – Clovertise helps you blend entertainment with your promotions seamlessly.
  • Proximity Information Sharing -Connect through the physical web and push your Menu, Daily Specials, Promotions to customers mobile devices when they arrive at your restaurant.
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Digital Menus for Restaurants and Takeaways

Ever wondered how much it costs for all the printed menus that you have to hand out to customers each year? These menus will not even stay with them for when they need it next time. Technology has now developed to make the customer experience more engaging whilst make it appealing and cost effective.

We will provide you with a small device that you can just stick it on the wall or a counter. Customers can now see your menus and promotions on their smart phones as soon as they walk into your store. Customers can also favourite your menus and see it when they are not at your premises. This means they will always have your menu and contact number on their phone.

This mind blowing technology Powered by Clovertise Connect is for you at an unbelievable price.

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Schools and Universities

Educational institutions from pre-schools to colleges and universities need to communicate information with students and parents alike. The age of the pin up boards and notice boards is almost coming to an end. This trend is accelerating due to the reduced price of digital displays.

We helps you with your digital signage needs. A pure cloud hosted SaaS offering means you don’t have to worry about servers and hardware. You don’t need to buy proprietary players. Our solution can use any standard device that can run a browser for delivering content to your digital display.

The simplicity of creating and managing content means anyone can create and update in real time not just your on premise displays but also your website and social media simultaneously.

If you want to understand and explore the amazing possibilities of reaching your students and parents in real time please contact us for a free consultation.

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Clinics and Hospitals

Many practices already have digital displays. However these are being used for playing news channel etc. which has no relevance to the practice. Our digital solutions can keep patients informed and entertained and at the same time promote your services. Health care industry is evolving and hospitals are offering specialised services; unlike in the past patients have choices to make.

Digital Signage can play a very important role in providing useful information to patients and their family members. From announcements to information and wait times, there are many application. Please call us for a free consultation on how you can leverage Clovertise to help your practice or hospital.

  • Highlight Patient Stories to motivate others
  • Show information about departments and timings
  • Show Doctors Profiles
  • Share information about common problems , symptoms and remedies.
  • Show educational videos while promoting your staffs capabilities.
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Retail Showrooms

Marketing is all about delivering the right message, to the right people, at the right time and in the right way. One extremely effective way of achieving this timing perfectly, is while the customer is in your store and already in a purchasing mood. We can help you place your brand, product or services in front of your customers with ease. Create content from existing promotional and marketing materials. There is no need of any expensive hardware to do in-store advertising, all you need is internet and a display. We are here to give you a complete solution.

When customers walk into your Store you need to be able to showcase your Products and promotions in the best way possible. We also Have proximity based solutions that will allow customers to view information and promotions on their own mobile devices. Get in touch for more information.

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