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BYOD software subscription pricing

If you already have a device to use as a player the subscription license is perfect for you. We will provide a subscription key, help with your setup, training and support.You can use the subscription with any screen already connected to a device that can run a browser.   Allowing you to Create, Manage and Publish content to added display screens from anywhere.

Please also checkout our bundled offerings if you need players. If you have special needs or have questions please send us an inquiry.

Product Description

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Single Display

  • per display

2 to 5 Displays

  • per display

More then 5 Displays

  • per display

Single Display

  • per display

2 to 5 Displays

  • per display

More then 5 Displays

  • per display

Please visit and register for an account, you get a 30 days free trial to start using it immediately.

With your purchase of a subscription  we will  send you a subscription key, Please use the key in the Account settings > Manage subscriptions to activate the subscription.

Key Features List

Resolution Full HD support with both  Landscape and Portrait supported
Kiosk mode Plays in Kiosk mode and players runs automatically on restart
Automatic updates Your software is always improving and always up to date.
Playback formats

supported & Features

Templates are flexible and allow each area to be changed to any format to suit your needs. Select any area and you can change it to show, text, image, video, YouTube, web page or a QR code. This amazing feature makes your choice of designs unlimited.
Text Animated text with a variety of fonts, colors and animations to make you content look perfect.
Images You can use all standard format images like JPEG, GIF, Animated GIF, PNG, BMP, etc
Multiple Images Select many images in the same area to play as a slide show. Part of your display screen can play a number of images while other parts can play different content at the same time.
Videos You can upload videos into your media and use them to play anywhere in your contents. Our templates are designed to have standard sized areas of 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio to be compatible for a perfect fit for the HD videos. Modern standard formats such as  MP4, WebM, and Ogg are supported to give you cross platform support on all player devices
YouTube Videos Full HD supporYouTube videos can be embedded in any area. You can also embed YouTube Playlists or stream a live YouTube channel.t with both  Landscape and Portrait supported
URL Videos Videos accessible via URL (https) can be embedded in any area. This allows you to host videos on local (or own server) server if required.
RSS feed All Clovertise templates support an optional RSS feed that can be configured.
Clock All Clovertise templates support  an optional clock.
Scheduling Clovertise allows to schedule content to display on pre-defined times in advance. This will give flexibility for situations where different contents need to be played at different times.
Backgrounds The design settings section in each template allows you to set background colors and gradients to make your content look vibrant. You can also select an image for the background and set opacity as required by your design.
Webpage embed It is easy to embed a webpage into any area in a template. This feature creates unlimited possibilities for your content.
QR codes Any area can be used as a QR code. Just enter the URL or Data and the template will auto generate a QR code for you.
One click Facebook Posting Allows to post your digital signage content  to your Facebook page. If you have created content for your digital signage screen, you can now post it to your Facebook page with just one click enabling your Facebook campaign from a single platform.
And More Contact us if you have any feature requirements, we may already have it or we can help you achieve the desired result.
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